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Conditions of registration in the URT RK

To the attention of travel agents registered in URT RK!

Since 1 May 2015, according to the decision of the KTA Council, since 2015 travel agencies registered in the Unified Register of Travel Agents of the Republic of Kazakhstan (URTRK) are assigned the status of ASSOCIATED MEMBERS of the KTA.

In this regard, certificates of registration in URTRK, issued in the period of 2012-15, are recognized as NON-REGISTERED!!!!!

For re-registration, please contact us by e-mail: reestr@kaztour-association.com.

Phone number for enquiries: +7 (727) 293 84 23

Our address: A26G7P8, Almaty, Shevchenko str. 14, office 2.

Submission of the following documents to the KTA directorate:
1. A written application for inclusion of information about the travel agent in the Register, stamped and signed by the head of the travel agency.
2. Copy of the document on state registration of a legal entity (for LLP). Copy of the certificate/certificate of an individual entrepreneur (for IE).
3. Notification of commencement or termination of travel agency activity and receipt acceptance notification
4. Copy of the order on appointment and confirming the powers of the head of the legal entity (to confirm the information on the powers of the head of the legal entity).
5. Copy of the identity card of the head of the legal entity. If the head of the legal entity is a foreign citizen - notarized copy of passport translation into Russian, copy of work permit (to confirm information about the head of the legal entity).

All submitted documents shall be sealed with the company seal and signature of the head and sent to KTA at the address: 14 Shevchenko St., Almaty, 2.
You can also send scanned copies of the documents required for registration using the ONLINE FORM. This will speed up your entry into the URT RK.

Кнопка Download application template
1 step
Consideration of the application to the KTA:
The KTA Legal Service performs legal review of electronic copies of documents. After the KTA Council makes a favorable decision to register the agent in the Register, an invoice for the registration fee of 7 MCI (monthly calculation index) is sent to the agent's e-mail address (registration/re-registration in the URT RK for full members of KTA is free of charge).
2 step
Payment of the invoice by the agent, forwarding the package of documents (originals) to KTA:
The agent pays the invoice and brings or mailing: A packet of copies of the documents of title (see step 1), and the Associate Membership Agreement in 2 copies (signed and stamped).
3 step
Issuing the certificate (or mailing):
Upon receipt of the package of documents, KTA employee checks the numbers of paper copies of the documents with the electronic copies, accepts the payment receipt and issues the previously printed and signed certificate. Employee also enters the agent into the register. Thus, the agent appears at the KTA office only once, or sends the package of documents by mail once. Exceptions may occur if the delivered package of documents does not match their electronic version. 90% of the process of getting an agent to participate in the registry is automated.
4 step
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