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About the register

This Register of Kazakhstan tourist association (KTA) was developed on the basis of applications received by the KTA from citizens carrying out legal activities of tour and tourist guides. According to the legislation of Kazakhstan, a licence for the activity of a guide is not required, however, professional training confirmed by relevant documents and legal form as a subject of entrepreneurship and tourism activity is required.

The Register is based on an electronic database, which is a summary of guides operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Information from the Register is open and publicly available and is posted on the official website of KTA (www.kaztour-association.com).

KTA register of tour and tourist guides is a navigator with the help of which you can find a certified, accredited, certified (and, of course, included in the Register) tour and tourist guides any city or region of Kazakhstan.

The following documents are required to join the KTA Department of tour and tourist guides

Completed application form (see annex)

Completed guide card (see annex)

Copy of identity card

Copies of certificates, guide credentials, diplomas and honourable mentions

Two 3x4 photo

Payment of annual membership fee of 5 Monthly Calculation Index (MCI)

After receiving all documents, we enter our members into the Register of tour and tourist guides of the Republic of Kazakhstan, add them to the KTA domestic and inbound tourism WhatsApp chat room and to the mailing list of the weekly newspaper “KTA Vestnik”.

Eligible to participate in KTA events and available for industry enquiries.

Each member is issued a guide badge.

Applications are here.

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