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Добровольская Валентина
Dobrovolskaya Valentina
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Welcome to the exciting world of discovery! My name is Valentina and I am your guide to exciting adventures. I specialise in exciting excursions both in the city and in the mountains, and that’s why your journey with me will be unique. In the city, I will lead you through streets where history meets modernity, giving you a sense of the spirit of the place. From local cafes and markets to historic monuments, together we will create a unique itinerary combining your interest in culture, art and authentic experiences. In the mountains, on the other hand, I’ll offer you exciting itineraries that combine inspiring views with adventure. Whether you are an experienced climber or new to mountain trekking, I will tailor the itinerary to your desires and level of expertise. My goal is not just to show you the beauty of the world, but to create an unforgettable experience for you. Contact me if you are looking for not just a guide, but a true travelling companion, able to reveal to you the secrets and amazing corners of our world. Get ready for an exciting adventure that will leave a mark in your heart!

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Welcome to my unique author’s tour of Almaty! Under my guidance you will walk through the winding streets of the city and discover its secrets. From the creation of the military fortification Verny to the modern metropolis. From ancient historical monuments to modern cultural sights, each step will be filled with interesting stories and outstanding personalities. We will get acquainted with the first Governor-General Gerasim Alekseevich Kolpakovsky, learn how the stanitsa developed, the mountain seismically dangerous zone, the history of earthquakes. And also we will learn why the Tien Shan spruce has such a name, how the variety of apples Aport got here, who was Konaev. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local markets, enjoy culinary discoveries and appreciate the unique blend of antiquity and modernity in this fascinating city. This tour is not just sightseeing, but a true immersion into the life and culture of Almaty. Let’s create memories that will stay with you for a long time!

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City, museums, all offsite locations, mountains

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My tours bring elements to your trip that make them truly memorable: Personalised: Each tour is tailored to your interests and preferences, providing a unique and personalised experience. Local Mysteries and Stories: I will uncover little known facts and fascinating stories for you that are not included in standard itineraries. Interactive Experiences: Opportunities are offered to participate in local traditions, sample unique cookery and interact with locals. Visions of local life: Trips include visits not only to tourist spots, but also to vibrant neighborhoods, markets and unique local establishments. Support while travelling: Not only a guide, but also your travelling companion, ready to help with any questions or needs during the tour. Photo Moments: Providing the opportunity to capture amazing moments with photography tips and tricks to create unique images. Natural Harmony: For mountain excursions, providing opportunities to enjoy nature, off-road adventures and panoramic views. All these elements combine to create a unique and distinctive experience, making each excursion memorable and special for travellers.

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